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Real wood veneer laminated to a variety of backers, flexed and sanded for easy installation over various substrates. 10-mil paper backer, 20-mil paper backer, phenolic backer, 2-ply (double backer), peel & stick

Available Species

Anigre, FC

Ash, White-Burl

Bamboo Dark

Beech, Qtr

Bubinga, FC

Camphor, Woodbur

Cedar, Western Red

Cherry, Qtr

Hickory, FC

Lacewood, Austrailian

Madrone, Burl

Makore, Qtr

Maple, FC

Maple RC

Pecan, FC

Pearwood, FC

Red Oak, Rift Cut

Sapele, Qtr

Teak, FC

Walnut Burl

Wenge, QC

White Oak, FC

White Oak, Rift

Anigre, Qtr Fig

Ash, White FC

Bamboo Light

Birch, Red

Bubinga, Qtr

Cedar, Aromatic

Cherry, American


Hond Mahogany, FC


Makore, Qtr-Fig

Maple, Burl

Maple, QC

Maple, Qtr-Fig

Pine, Clear

Red Oak, FC

Rosewood, Andes

Spanish Cedar

Teak, Honey

Walnut, FC

Wenge, Qtr

White Oak, Flaky

Ash, Olive-Burl

Ash, White Qtr

Beech, FC

Birch, White

Butternut, FC

Cedar, Spanish

Cherry, FC

Fir, Qtr

Koa, Brazilian

Lacewood, Bleached

Maple, Birdseye, Heavy

Maple, Curly

Maple, Qtr


Pine, Knotty

Red Oak, Qtr

Rosewood, Santos

Sycamore, English

Teak, QC

Walnut, Qtr

White Birch, RC

White Oak, Qtr