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Prémoulé introduces high gloss finish on thermoplastic, setting a brilliant new trend.

Premium quality Italian laquer applied on thermoplastic doors and components. The high gloss coating acts as a protective shield for durability, adds brilliance to any décor and enhances the wood grain pattern.

Of contemporary inspiration, this high gloss finish adds distinction and timeless elegance to all thermoplastic components.

Antique Whitewash
P475W Glossed

Bourbon Cherry
R204W Glossed

F21W Gloss

Choco Cherry
R207W Glossed

Chocolate Pear
F44W Glossed

P485W Glossed

Dark Rum Cherry
P473W Glossed

Dolce Vita
P488W Glossed

R74W Glossed

R965W Glossed

F43W Glossed

Shiraz Cherry
P472W Glossed

Silken Maple
P122W Glossed

Summer Flame
F20W Glossed

Tobacco Cherry
R205W Glossed

En Vogue
P297W Glossed

P477W Glossed

Hard Rock Maple
C92W Glossed

Cognac Cherry
P448W Glossed

Cosmo Plum
P298W Glossed

P479W Glossed

HIGH GLOSS THERMO COLLECTION 21 Beautifully Enhanced Wood-Grains      
Description Color # Description Color #
Bourbon Cherry R204W ** Antique Whitewash P475W
Candlelight F21W ** Concerto P485W
Choco Cherry R207W Dark Rum Cherry P473W
Chocolate Pear F44W ** Dolce Vita P488W
Porto R965W Mahogany R74W
Secret F43W Shiraz Cherry P472W
Summer Flame F20W ** Silken Maple P122W
Tobacco Cherry R205W Truffle P479W
Tuxedo P477W Hard Rock Maple C92W
Cognac Cherry P448W Cosmo Plum P298W
En Vogue P297W
** Compatible High Gloss Laminate Available - End panels are recommended for finished cabinet ends.