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Avanti Polyester Collection - Five-piece Polyester Mitered Doors
Matching popular Tafisa and Panval melamine.

The appearance of fine hardwood cabinet doors is now available with Premoule's "Avanti Collection". The collection includes twelve colors and a choice of two stile and rail profiles. Five-piece construction, raised or recessed panels complimented with crown mouldings, mullion doors and valances complete the collection.

Polyester offers remarkable color coordination with available melamine, HPL and "Xact Match" laminates. Polyester is easy to clean and is highly heat resistant.

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Fasination Ivory
Beaded Panel

Fasination L420 Summer
Flame Beaded Panel Glazed

Fasination L472
Shiraz Cherry Glazed

Fasination L473
Dark Rum Cherry

Fasination L521Rustik
Cherry Beaded Panel Glazed

Fasination RP 207
Choco Cherry

Fasination RP

Fasination RP L420
Summer Flame Glazed

Fasination RP L444
Chocolate Pear

Fasination RP L457
Almond Cherry Glazed

Fasination RP L457
Almond Cherry

Fasination RP L473 Glazed
Dark Rum Cherry Glazed

Fasination RP
Shiraz Cherry L472

Fasination RP
Tobacco Cherry 205

Shaker 290
Classic Maple

Shaker L444
Chocolate Pear

Shaker L468
Antique Cream

Shaker Tuscan 205
Tobacco Cherry

Shaker Tuscan L521 Rustik
Cherry Beaded Panel